Articles on (“The voice of Israeli’s in the UK”) – April 28th 2012

” ‘If they feel good, they will be the best spokespersons for Israel,’ adds Levy… Levy not only expects everyone to do their job, he also acts on it. His job fills all his spare time, from morning to night he runs from one place to another in order to do all he can to reduce the loneliness of the lone soldier. He finds them a loving warm home in a kibbutz for the duration of their service and solves any problem he can, sidestepping bureaucracy. He also receives dozens of calls from worried parents from all over the world, who see him a natural point of contact to find out how their child is doing. ”

” Levy is aware there are around 20 other organizations helping lone soldiers and that the military doesn’t really have a clear policy about these groups, but he believes he sets the high standard for the quality of care. It will also be quite impossible to find anyone else to take part in 60km treks he does. ‘I put on my uniform and listen to them,’ he says, ‘they speak to me as a parent – even things they don’t mention to their direct person in charge of their service conditions.’ ”

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