Yisrael HaYom Newspaper Article – December 28th 2012

Tzvika Yisrael Hayom 28-12-12


“Tzvika Levy, a resident of Kibbutz Yifat in the Jezreel Valley has been running the Lone Soldier project for the Kibbutz Movement, the IDF, the Ministry of Defense and the Ministry of Immigrant Absorption for 18 years straight. “The number of Lone Soldiers which I deal with rises each year, and currently we have surpassed many all time highs, with over 900 Lone Soldiers serving in the IDF at once”, Levy said. He added: “Until now, over the 30 years of the project, thousands of soldiers from 44 countries around the world served in the IDF and were hosted on Kibbutzim. I salute the Kibbutzim who continue to volunteer to adopt these Lone Soldiers even though they are going through tough times. These are soldiers who come to serve in the IDF out of love of Israel and a real yearning to assist in the security of the country. It turns out that Zionism is still part of us and the best home for these Lone Soldiers is on the Kibbutzim, their when they ask a soldier how he is doing they actually care”.

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